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One: "Independence and one-off" The original intention of "single-single-single" means to stand alone in your own place, no longer pay attention to the outside world, and often used to describe someone who is not enterprising. In fact, small companies and small businesses in the process of doing branding, just need some degree of "not thinking about progress." In reality, the reason why many small companies and small enterprises are finally eliminated is not because they are not ambitions, but because they are too ambitious. When they are born, they will set a grand goal and become a national famous brand or even a world famous brand. Attack everywhere. As a result, due to the incompetence of power, it was hit everywhere, such as the dog who lost the family, and finally became a rogue. I don’t know when it was annihilated. I have contacted a wine company, just made a little money, I have to do a national brand, so I opened a branch office all over the country. As a result, the cost has been spent a lot, but because of the scattered power, no market can make great progress. Finally, even my original market was lost. As a result, “single squatting” has become a strategy for many small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises to preserve and develop. The essence is to establish a regional brand. The advantage of establishing a regional brand can concentrate resources and have the power to compete with the outside world. Under the cofferdam of big brands, the small brands are able to “burn wild flowers and spring breeze” because they pursue regional branding strategies. No matter how big the brand is, it is impossible to occupy all the markets. At the same time, it is not in all markets. Therefore, small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises have the opportunity to survive in the cracks. In addition, the establishment of regional brands is also conducive to the use of resources. We know that local governments always take care of local enterprises. When many enterprises develop to a certain scale, they are still regarded as "little brothers" in the whole country, but they are "big brothers" in the local area and can receive various kinds of preferential treatment and support. Second: to build a regional brand, is a brand strategy that has been proved feasible by many small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises. And many brands, relying on the regional brand "accounting for the king as the king", get a place, and even more, can be a partial teacher to win. The Hope Group of the year, specializing in feed when it first started, has been operating the Sichuan market for four or five years from 1988 to 1992. Even in the early 1990s, the assets had reached hundreds of millions, and it still lingered in Sichuan for several years. Operating the regional market, avoiding the glory of the day, and hope to enter the national market immediately when the three provinces in the southwest stabilized, and hope to become a leader in the feed industry, and hope to change from a regional brand to a nationally renowned brand. Three: Sticking to the leading brand of daily consumer goods, Shufujia has been emphasizing sterilization since its birth. After several decades, Shufujia still insists on sterilization as its main advocacy concept, and for the brand's persistence, it makes Shufujia win. The loyalty of generations of consumers. Sticking to the brand, in order to enable consumers to think of your brand in the face of dazzling brands, and after being tempted by many other brands, ultimately choose your brand. In the market, we often see that when a brand does not make money, the boss immediately changes the direction of the wind, no longer invests, sees that some products make money, and swarms, with speculative heart, no loyalty. A health care product said today that it should give brains to young people, and its name is "care for the growth of the next generation." Tomorrow, it has become a kidney for the elderly, and it is said to "care for the lives of the elderly." Some home appliance companies, yesterday also do home appliances, the next day I heard that home appliances have no profit, even the wind and the horse is not even the same as the broom of the brand image; so all kinds of things, the world is bustling, all For the benefit of the moment, everyone wants to eat the food, no one waits until the flowers bloom. The short-sightedness of small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises soon tasted the bitter fruit: the old brand was abandoned, the competition in the new field was fierce, and it was not easy to do. When it came back, the market has changed, and the original market has been occupied by others. . In the end, it was the chicken and the egg that also lost the wife and the soldiers. In fact, there is a kind of "lover" relationship between the brand and the consumer. If you shape a certain brand, if the consumer chooses you, it is equivalent to the sentiment. If you change the brand connotation, the corresponding consumer group will also change. It is equal to abandoning the previous consumers, and according to the survey, the investment in developing new consumer groups is five times that of the original consumer groups! For small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises, what is lacking is strength, and should be pursued. "Word. Stick to the fundamentals of the brand, gradually operate, and for a long time, will eventually win the hearts of consumers. Four: "Fox and Tiger" Weihu is a well-known idiom story. In this fable, the fox of the fox uses the power of the tiger to make the beast bow. Dummy, borrowing, small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises with limited strength do not have the prestige of the king of beasts in the industry. They are good at using external forces, especially authoritative forces, to strengthen their own methods. In reality, many companies have borrowed other brands, especially leading brands in an industry, in order to shape their own brands. Moreover, some brands have made a name for themselves, and eventually they have surpassed their target. Lenovo, today famous in the world, used to borrow the light of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard. At that time, Lenovo was only a small company and a small company whose name was unknown. By doing the dealers of world-renowned IT companies such as Compaq, it not only made His own strength has grown rapidly, and the reputation of “the world's top enterprise distributors” has been established. Since then, the fledgling Lenovo has started to produce its own products and finally became the leader of the domestic it industry. Small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises rely on big brands to divide them into two types. One is to borrow their names to improve their popularity. Some advertising companies are interested in making business contacts with well-known big brands. Some even have to lose money. The purpose is to use the aura of well-known companies to increase their weight and think it will be used in the future. The second method is to borrow money to strengthen its own strength. We can find that a truly outstanding large enterprise can not only grow bigger by itself, but also support a larger number of upstream and downstream enterprises. It can even create a group of related industry giants. For the current home appliance companies, many well-known brands were originally made to the home appliance giants in Japan, Europe, America, South Korea and other countries to make accessories, or OEM production. After more than ten years of Efforts have gradually grown and eventually dominated the domestic market, even in areas such as marketing that exceeded their original use. For small and medium-sized companies and small enterprises, try to establish business contacts with well-known large enterprises and become a part of the big enterprise industry chain, which not only can bring stable profits, quickly complete the accumulation of original capital, but also learn advanced management methods. Improve your overall competitiveness and gain greater living space. Five: advertising is small, the most common way is online advertising. It is a more targeted online marketing method. By advertising on the homepage of the website or placing advertisements on the websites related to themselves, the company can also achieve certain publicity effects, which is also a major way for enterprises to conduct online publicity. Specifically, in the influential portal homepage of the industry or on the homepage of a well-known website of the industry, a connection window is provided, and relevant enterprise advertisement icons or pictures are continuously displayed in the window. The icon is connected to its website. If you click on the map, the website of the company's website will appear immediately (using the portal's daily visits of millions of people, the company information will be effectively promoted). Corporate advertising and text links are interchangeable. Internet service providers connect the advertising icons or texts of corporate websites to the websites of other registered companies, exchange advertisements among tens of thousands of corporate websites, and promote themselves with the visits of other companies. Search engine promotion. This is a kind of high cost performance in the network marketing of small and medium-sized companies and small business brands recognized by enterprises in various countries. When users around the world search for information, type keywords, users will log in directly to the company's website, and the registered companies can maximize the target customer base. At present, the main promotion methods in China are Baidu's bidding ranking, Google's right-side advertising and promotion portals of various portals, and the corresponding promotion of Yahoo and China Search Alliance. With so many search engine promotion, for the average small and medium-sized company and small enterprise, every search engine does it, which is basically unrealistic and also a waste. Entrepreneurship is difficult, small companies are more difficult to start a business, and how to achieve sustainable development is even more difficult. As a small enterprise manager, how can small companies develop in the face of insufficient funds, personnel and customers? How can the company be able to develop enough to cope with competition and other crises from the market through correct operational strategies? At the beginning of the establishment of the corporate culture company, the scale is still small, so there are many problems to be solved. Many enterprises feel that the conditions are insufficient, so they ignore or not pay attention to the cultural construction of their own company. The "invisible" decision is tangible, and the most fundamental driving force for the survival and development of the nation is a spiritual culture. The same is true of a national enterprise. It attaches importance to its own "corporate culture". It is always the culture that determines the company's development and growth. Promoting the cultural spirit of the company is also the core of all business management activities of the company. Second: Consolidate the enterprise management system While the company continues to grow. The number of people has gradually increased. The original management system for people is not very suitable. Maybe you can manage eight or nine people, but now that there are thirty or forty people who want you to manage it, you can't manage it in the original way. Management at this time needs to slowly shift to institutional management. Therefore, the company should clearly implement its own management strategy, change the "man rule" to "law smelting", and avoid using it. Third: planning a viable development strategy If there is no development goal, it is like a nautical ship without direction, and the human heart is lost. Having the right corporate purpose is the first step in strategy. A company needs to establish a sound management decision-making mechanism. It is necessary to focus on planning and organization, planning is higher than planning, implementation is higher than decision-making, and execution is higher than creativity. In the early stage of operation, small companies are particularly vulnerable to finding partners. It is especially important to be good at exploiting the resources available. Here, our tens of billions of video e-commerce invites you as a strategic partner. Fourth, innovation and development. Talents are the first. There is no people in the world who are not available. It is always an inevitable factor for a company to succeed in cultivating talents. Small and medium-sized enterprises must abandon the selfish, indifferent and disrespectful talents. The editors recommend that SMEs implement the method of “send and invite in”, that is, strengthen the training of internal personnel, and sometimes send out training, and invite talents who are beneficial to the development of the enterprise.


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